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Mail Only Services

$1.25 Per Recipient

(.06 per image after the 8th image)

  • Utilizing our CLIO integration, upload ANY document to be mailed via USPS first class.
  • Proof of Service add on available for no additional cost.
  • Online sign up.
  • Credit card charged per transaction.
  • No monthly fee. No commitment.

California Workers’ Compensation

Electronic Filing AND Party Delivery with a Proof of Service

PLUS Mail Only Services

Utilizing our CLIO integration, electronically create, populate, and file documents into the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) case management system – EAMS. File Applications of Adjudication, DOR’s (Standard, Expedited, & Walk Thru), Notices of Representation, Withdrawals and ALL Unstructured Documents.

PARTY SERVICE WITH PROOF OF SERVICE: .99 per recipient (.06 per image after the 8 th image)
When filing a form electronically into EAMS, you can also choose to have EDEXIS serve the other parties, (via First Class Mail) with a Proof of Service.

MAIL ONLY SERVICE – .99 per recipient (.06 per image after the 8 th image)
EDEXIS can mail ANY document with or without a proof of service to any address.

$19.95 a month plus transactional or flat rate pricing

  • Track WCAB cases to receive all future hearing and event notices. Hearing notices populate an exportable calendar.
  • Search all litigated, California work comp cases for discovery
  • Track all Social Security Numbers for future notice of new cases
  • Data Management consultation for best data practices regarding California WCAB data

Proof of Service Mailing is compliant with California Division of Workers’ Compensation LC 10505 and California Code of Civil Procedure-CCP 1010-1020.