EDEXIS Mail Services

by Andrea Macon

Dump your po$tage meter and mail remotely for less!

If you are feeling buried by your outgoing mail, or even if you want to improve efficiency and allow your staff to more easily mail out documents both in house and remotely, EDEXIS mailing services can help. Simply upload the document you want to mail, and we take care of the rest.

  • Mail a document to any recipient within the United States
  • Mail a document in conjunction with an electronically filed California work comp EAMS document
  • Ideal for real estate, billing, trust, and family law documents — to name a few.
  • Proof of Service optional with each mailing.
  • Self Addressed Stamped Envelopes can also be included

For those already using our mailing services, mailing a document looks a little different these days. There is now a stand-alone tab in the left hand menu that says, “Mailing Services”.

From Mailing Services you can upload any document (work comp or not) using one of our existing templates or using a FREE personal template. Universal and Personal Templates are documents that automatically populate standard fields. If you are a California work comp professional, documents can be associated with a WCAB case number and will automatically populate the case information (including address records and companion case data) or you can choose to manually enter data for non WCAB mailings. (API integration and/or a linked address book are also options for data population).

Once you have mailed a document, you can monitor that document via the “Manage Filing” button:

Manage Filings allows you to review past documents that are archived indefinitely, review the parties that were chosen for receipt, review the activity log that reports delivery status, recreate the mailing and possibly send to other parties, or generate a Certificate of Mailing that creates a report of receipt status:

On the sample above, you can see that some of the mailings were sent with tracking numbers — Certified Mail or Priority Mail. However, the rest were simply mailed First Class. Even First Class reports the status of delivery. That first listing was actually returned as unclaimed. The last listing reports its delivery in Pomona. While scanning of standard First Class is more limited, it easily proves (at the minimum) that mail was entered into the mail stream and sent. When mail is sent Certified or Priority Mail, the signature receipt is also included with the Certification.

As shown below, we can print your logo with your return address and you can add a “Tag Line” on each individual mailing. These are particularly helpful if you are mailing to prisons and need to indicate “Legal Documents Enclosed” or if you want to highlight a “Personal Mail” item.

If you would like to try our mailing services, you can sign up for an immediate account that bills each of your transactions to your credit card. If you would like mailing services + work comp filing and work comp case tracking and searches, you can choose the full suite of services with a contract.

If you have any additional questions or would like to arrange a demo, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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